The wellbeing module is a complete behaviour administration system designed to help schools record positive, neutral and negative behaviour. It also enables schools to efficiently record student suspensions including creating and recording communication with parents and carers.

 Wellbeing (coming soon)

  • Efficiently create and manage positive, neutral and negative behaviour records for a single student or in bulk
  • Ability to upload supporting documents to a positive, neutral or negative behaviour incident if necessary
  • Seamlessly create and generate parent/carer communication for a positive, neutral or negative behaviour incident
  • Flexibility to schedule parent/carer correspondence for a future date and time or elect to send correspondence now
  • Ability to personalise standard correspondence by creating templates for future use through the use of merge fields
  • Flexibility to select from a pre-defined list of behaviour types and outcomes or create your own to better suit the needs of your school
  • Simplified view of positive, neutral & negative incidents including an accumulative tally
  • Confidentiality function available for sensitive information
  • Generate and export reports