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School Bytes is a comprehensive Australian e-learning and school management platform allowing students & teachers to interact and collaborate, sharing resources and knowledge, complemented with powerful learning tools & seamless integration. Teachers can keep track of their students progress by setting assignments and quizzes which students submit directly on the class page.

NSW government schools (other states coming later this year) can gain access to a personalised School Bytes instance and custom subdomain, as well as automated data synchronisations allowing the platform to be fully integrated with the school's current infrastructure.

Single Sign On

Simply use your existing school portal login for easy access to Australia's premier e-learning platform.


You can be confident that your information is stored safely and securely.

We use modern encryption methods to store any personal information as your privacy and confidentiality is of utmost concern.

Seamless integration

School Bytes provides a myriad of useful resources and tools through integration with 3rd parties to bring a unified experience to users.

This is made possible through supported data transfer protocols such as SIF-AU and LISS.

E-learning platform

At School Bytes, we are dedicated to bringing a rich and fulfilling educational experience to students across the country. Our features bring about a change in the way students are educated, given assignments and collaborate with others.

We also offer additional, fully integrated modules including a NSW DoE compatible finance system, voting system and online school sport selection/management.

  • Automatic enrollment of students into classes (from school timetable)
  • Nightly data synchronisations ensuring up-to-date school information
  • Integration with Microsoft Office Online
  • Create posts, assignments, homework tasks, true/false questions, polls & quizzes
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Sport selection

School Bytes takes the stress out of collecting student sport choices and the management of rolls.

  • Students login to the system using their existing school portal login
  • Multiple preferences of different sport types (e.g Grade or Rec) can be collected
  • Set a maximum number of students in any one sport
  • Automatic roll generation from student preferences
  • Customised auto-filled (name, sport, cost) PDF permission notes for students
  • Generate PDF rolls for sport teachers at any time
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Please contact us to request a quotation to get started using School Bytes at your school.

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Our team

Blake Garrett
Founder & Director

Graduating from high school in 2015, teenage entrepreneur, Blake Garrett founded School Bytes using first-hand experience to provide a fully integrated e-learning solution for Australian schools.

Blake Garrett

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