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Powerful administration software providing schools with the tools they need to operate smoothly & efficiently.

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School Bytes is a comprehensive school management platform providing schools with the tools they need to operate smoothly & efficiently. Created using first hand experience from within the education sector, School Bytes focuses on the needs and requirements of Australian schools.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Simply use your existing NSW DoE portal login for easy access to the School Bytes platform.

Seamless Integration

School Bytes makes use of established data transfer protocols such as 3PI (SIF) and LISS to create a unified experience for users.


We use modern encryption methods to store personal information so you can be confident that your school information is safe.


With the School Bytes payments module, schools can easily generate and email statements of account to parents, provide a direct link to online payment (POP) and send reminders.

Email student statements of account/term accounts directly to parents (whether it be a single parent or the whole school)

Ability to attach files with the statement of account (i.e voluntary school contribution explanation, P&C information)

Send targeted reminder emails for specific outstanding items (an excursion, subject contributions, etc)

Integration with existing Westpac Parent Online Payment (POP) system

Delegate access to specified staff members to view outstanding items through a web-based interface

NSW DoE Third Party Integration (3PI) compliant

In use at over 330 NSW government schools

School Bytes' sport selection system allows students to select their sport choices online and provide sport organisers with management of rolls in a clear, easy-to-use format.

Students login to the system using their existing school portal login

Multiple preferences of different sport types (e.g Grade or Rec) can be collected

Set a maximum number of students in any one sport

Automatic roll generation from student preferences

Customised auto-filled (name, sport, cost) PDF permission notes for students

Generate PDF rolls for sport teachers at any time

Integration with Sentral and Edval for digital roll marking

The School Bytes variation of routine (VOR) module provides seamless management of VORs within a digital ecosystem, from the initial outline by the creating teacher, to approval by administrative staff, and roll marking by supervising teachers.

Manages related items such as venues, activity dates, costs, risk assessments, forms, attendees and staff substitutions

Digitises the current manual process of multi-stage approvals for excursions, exams, assemblies, and other events

Facilitates flexible approval staff through faculties and dynamic conditions

Manages student attendees, permissions and online roll marking

Features conflict checking with other VORs and events on external calendars

Assists in approval flow by sending staff customisable notifications, both on the platform and via email, about relevant VORs

Elegant summary dashboards to track overall progress, expenditures and student activity

Setup by the School Bytes support team, customised to your school


Please contact us to request a quote to get started using School Bytes at your school.

School Bytes is an approved supplier under the SCM0020 Prequalification Scheme: ICT Services (Base & Advanced) for the NSW Government.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some commonly asked questions about the School Bytes platform.

How do we obtain school student data?
Upon joining the School Bytes platform, the school Principal (or his/her delegate) authorises School Bytes to have access to the relevant student and staff data required.

That data is then securely transferred to the School Bytes cloud infrastructure through the NSW Department of Education's Third Party Integration (3PI) framework.

Privacy Information Factsheet (NSW DoE schools): Click Here
Where is student data stored?
Student data is stored on-shore in Australia within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Sydney (ap-southeast-2) data centre region.
How do we maintain the integrity and security of your data?
All access to the School Bytes platform occurs over HTTPS/TLS to prevent unauthorised access to data, coupled with AES-256 bit encryption within the School Bytes database at rest and in transit. Sensitive data can only be accessed by authorised representatives at a school as determined by the principal.
What is the pricing model for School Bytes?
School Bytes is billed to a school on a per-student, per-module, per-annum (p.a) cost plus GST. This cost is inclusive of ongoing support, training and maintenance where required.

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